February 06, 2011

General - Hi there.(Introduction to myself, the purpose of blogs)

Hi, I am Argon Dai who is a currently youth intern at Richmond Centre for Disability. At Here, I will post anythings about BCIT, work, SQL Server, and anything else.

BCIT: it was my school during 2006 - 2009. I learned Web Design, Information Systems, Office, Database Administration and Development (SQL Server especially). Now I am staying there to take advance course.

I met many instructors there, but Mr. Mike Evans and Ms. Donabel Santos were impressive instructors for me. Mr. Mike taught me Windows and Concepts of computer when I entered BCIT in first term. He was a hilarious instructor and said "you have many laptops..." to me but I had one laptop only and another one was for transcribing in TypeWell.

Ms. Donabel taught me in Web Development (two courses) and SQL Server (two courses). Her teaching way was very special and helpful in my professional depth (CAP Website and Youth Project Web Design at RCD was that she was teaching me.)

Work: Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) - it is a non-profits organization for disability in Richmond, BC. I will post the CAP 2010 - 2011 stuff when the contract is expired in the end of March, however I will post the CAP 2009 - 2010 stuff later.

SQL Server: I will post the administration, development, integration service (SSIS - planning to take this course at BCIT), and reporting service (SSRS).

anything else: blahblahblah...

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