March 13, 2016

Others - How to protect the iPhone/iPad/Macbook charger?

Apple iPhone/iPad/Macbook charger which is in the Apple package is provided as basic of charging and there is no protection so it is broken often.

I have made the google search, and most of the results show that it would like to recommend the spring which is inside of the pen. but I don't think I have it. so I have found the easy steps to protect the charger.

First, you need to prepare three tools:
a. Chargers of iPhone/iPad/Macbook
b. Packing tape
c. Scissor

The steps:

1. Detach a little of package tape and cut it by using the scissor.
2. Stick the tape on the charge part and socket part.
3. Roll the tape which is stuck on charge part and socket part.
4. Done. You can use it and don't need to worry about it will be broken.

Here is the picture of the finished steps:

May 30, 2015

Other - Google Photos

I saw the technology news yesterday, and knew Google Photos is unlimited space for free. It can also create the animation and album automatically. I would like to recommend you to use Google Photos if you have a lot of photos.

It can also backup your photos from your computer and your device, and it won't destroy your photo resolution. Remember, you have to choose the unlimited space, not google+ space when you are first using app or installing the program then you can enjoy it. You don't need to worry about your space and resolution because space is unlimited and resolution is fine.

I think Gmail will get the unlimited space if Google Photos is successful.

Google Photos:

April 28, 2015

Other - Unable to open the PDF files by using Chrome, how to solve it?

When I open the PDF in Google Chrome, I am getting this screenshot.

I tried to install the latest version of Adobe Reader, but it was not working. I googled why I got it. (Google is my best friend.) It said it is not compatible to some pdf, like the interactive form. There is a way to solve it: "Disable the plugins of Chrome PDF Viewer." Here is how:

1. Go to chrome://plugins
2. Find the Chrome PDF Viewer and disable it.

3. Try again and the PDF will be downloaded.
4. Open it in PDF Viewer you prefer - that is it.

March 15, 2015

Apple - Windows -> Mac

I was a Windows lover, but my friends and my family has converted to Mac lovers from Windows lovers. It has influenced me to buy Mac. I used the Mac in high school but I hated it because it was not useful. I loved Windows not Mac.

My family has convinced me to buy Mac last two years, but I still didn't think Mac is useful. I thought "Why should I buy Mac?" After I have apple products such as Airport Extreme, Airport Express, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, it has changed my mind. I decided to buy iMac this March.

Well, it was very pricey. so I have to buy the iPhone, Airport Extreme, Airport Express, iPad, and then iMac in four to five phases. I love Apple very much right now. I have to learn how to use Mac because I am not familiar with it because I learned it in my high school. (You know I hated it at that time.) :P

Therefore if I have the questions on using Mac, Google is my friend because it has more resources. Google and Apple are enemies but for the users, they don't really care about this. If they care about this, Why and how does Google have the products for Mac and iOS users? Why and how can Apple things be found in Google?

OK. I have bought the iMac. OSX is very stable and I do not need to worry about the virus. (I am not laughing at Windows users, because I was a virus victims while I was a Windows lover, so I have the same feeling.)

If you are hesitating when you will buy the iMac or Macbook, please comment your reason. :)

October 07, 2014

Other - Google Chrome 37 has the memory leak problem.

Google Chrome 37 has the memory leak problem.

When I play the Flash games in Google Chrome 37 64-bits for Windows, it will display this window: 

I have searched the Google what it is going on and found other users has the same problem. 

A programs which has the memory leak will eat a lots your computer RAM. If you see the memory on the processes tab in the task manager and the program has the memory leak, it will eat the massive memory.

Is there a solution to fix it? Waiting for the manufacture pushing the newer version to solve this is only a way.

What about a program which is out of dated (like Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier)? then sorry. You have to upgrade to the newer programs to prevent the memory leak.

Why does Google Chrome 37 have the memory leak problem? In according my judgement and experience, the bugs of Google Chrome 37 has not been fixed. I hope that Google Team and the advance users can find these bugs and fix it before they release Google Chrome 38.