February 10, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2009-2010 - Success Story

CAP site is not only very important for interns doing homework and assignments, but also for the people who don't have computers (sometimes their computers at home are broken), Also, I will introduce how I helped the people in CAP site and why it is very important for interns and the people on the community. I will introduce what I was doing as the role of a web designer and interns.

The CAP site is for the interns doing the homework and assignments because the interns have computer class and English class. They needs the computers to do their assignments, like research something and processing the word file.

As an intern, I worked on many assignments with the Youth Interns. CAP YI had allowed me to use computer and monitor the CAP site. The information communication technology is that I communicate with the people via emailing and Facebook message.

Also, I assisted other interns on their assignments. When the interns were having trouble with the assignment, I could help them because I understand more about on assignments. When the team project was assigned, I discussed with other Interns and delegate the work accordingly. I was able to lead the team and had the projects completed on the schedule.. This affects my future because the teamwork is very important.

As a Web Designer, I found to design a website for RCD CAP site. The website have not been online, but the template will help RCD in the future because it is officially completed and complied the WWW and accessibility standard.

The technology allows me to work with the supervisors and the interns by using the computers and the internet. I research on the internet when the assignments are assigned to CAP YI. Discussion and submitting were also done via emailing.

The CAP site is also very important for the people on the community who do not have a computer or inaccess. They need the latest information from the internet and latest technology, such as news, government info, transportation info, and product purchase. When people with disability did not have computers and they need the latest government info about the employment, the CAP site and CAP YI were able to help them to get the latest information.

I taught the CAP user how to use the Facebook and other social networking site. Sometimes, I also let the CAP user who sits the scooter to sit my CAP site seat, and then I sit the intern's seat to continue my work.

CAP site is contributing for interns; it is a good place to do their computer work and assignments. For the people on the community, it is a good place to get the latest information with the use of technology. CAP site is important for everyone who needs the important information with latest technology. I hope you will understand why it is important to the people on the community and the interns.

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  1. I really enjoyed your write up Argon despite the few grammar errors I noticed =P