February 06, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2009-2010 - Self-advocacy

The self-advocacy is a movements of human rights for the people with disability and it is an effectively way to know the rights, needs, desires and interests. It also includes making the decisions and responsibility of decision.

If we have grants of five thousand dollars to start my own self-advocacy group, our group will focus on researching information of the people with disability. Because of according their information, we can help them in the different way. The different people have the different situation, so we can’t use the same way to help the people. For example, some people have a hearing impaired and do not understand the sign language, we cannot use sign language. However, we can use pen and paper to write the notes and computer to communicate with the people with hearing impaired.

This group will benefit to the community because the community will use the information to help the people. The community worker can use the /information to understand what the people need, prepare the tools that people need. The disability resource centre of the school will have enough time to prepare the transcribers and note the teachers or instructors to know their situation.

We need the database skills and word-processing skills to focus on researching information of the people with disability. We need the webpage design skills to let the people with disability to enter their information on the Internet. We need the researching skills to find out what they needs and assibilate the latest knowledge related to the people with disability.

I had a personal experience on being marginalized when I was studying at elementary school. I do not want to mention it anymore, because that was an unhappy time.

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