April 21, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2010-2011 - Emergency Management Report

Prepare a report that covers emergency management. It should cover procedures before, during and after an emergency.

By Argon Dai
January 27, 2011

Before an emergency

In case of an emergency, all people have to prepare the Grab & Go bags, Stay & Survive Supplies, and Vehicle Emergency Kits. Also, they should be put together, updated twice times every year and referring the needs of a person. For example, you can update the foods in case of the out-of-dated foods and if the person has the allergy to seafood, you do not have to put the seafood in grab & go bags and stay & survive supplies.

In case of the car accident, people must prepare the vehicle emergency kits. For example, if the tire is blown on the road, you have to prepare the backup tire and the tools.

During an emergency


If the earthquake happens and the people are in the building, the people have to drop, cover, and hold on. Drop means dropping to the ground. Cover means take cover by getting tables or study desks. Hold on means waiting for earthquake stopping.

If people are driving in car when the earthquake happens, they must stop the car and stay in. If the cars are on the bridge when the earthquake happens, the people must take off and run. When the earthquake stops, they must drive carefully because the roads, ramps, and bridges might be broken due to earthquake.

If the people are outside when the earthquake happens, they must go to an open area and avoid from the power lines, downed electrical wires and tree. They also must move away from the buildings and structures.

Flood (Heavy Shower, Typhoon, Hurricane, Tsunami)

The people must keep tuned to radio station for flood information and weather prediction in order to prepare to move away.

Also they must move the items to upper floors if they have any time and shut off the utilities, like water, electronics, and gas.

The people must not try to walk through flooded areas and drive flooded road. If the cars flood, they have to give up driving.

Power failure

The people must turn off all appliances, electronic equipment and tools in order to prevent the damage of equipment and the fire.

Also, they must prepare the candles but never leave lit candles unattended. They can use the flashlights in instead of candles if they think it is very dangerous to use the candles.

The people must not use charcoal, gas barbecues, camping heating equipment or home generators in the house. If home generators are used, they must use them out of house because of carbon monoxide.


If people are inside a building that is on fire, they must run away fast. They can close the doors and windows on the way out if time permits.

If the people are in trouble inside a building, they can make sure the door to the room is closed tight and open a window in order to hang a sheet out to let firefighters know the location.

If there is a wildfire, people must prepare run away and keep tuned to a local radio station.

After an emergency

People must calm down and do following things:
- Help the people who are injured in an emergency.
- Make sure if the family is okay.
- Listen to the local radio for instructions.
- Use the telephone only if it is necessary.
- Check for damages in your house.
- Check if the neighbours are okay.

If the people have to run away from an emergency, they must leave immediately.
- Listen to the local radio and follow the instructions from officials.
- Bring the “grab and go” kit.
- Shut down the water, gas, and electricity if time permits.
- Lock the house.
- Must sign up at the reception centre or Red Cross so you can be contacted or reunited with your family.

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