April 17, 2013

RCD CAP Project - 2011-2012 - Network Project 1

These questions of 17 Chapter of A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC 7th Edition

9. If you want to upgrade your 100BaseT Ethernet network so that it will run about 10 times the current speed, what technology would you use?

Gigabit Ethernet

10. What is the maximum length of a cable on a 100BaseT network?

100 meters

11. What does the 100 in the name 100BaseT indicate?

100 Mbps

12. Which type of networking cable is more reliable, STP or UTP?


13. Which is more expensive, UTP CAT5e cabling or STP CAT5e cabling?

STP CAT5e cabling

14. How can you tell the difference between a patch cable and a crossover cable by examining the cable?

Looking at Imprint labelled or using cable tester.

16. What type of protocol is used to present a public IP address to computers outside the LAN to handle requests to use the Internet from computers inside the LAN?

NAT (Network Address Translation)

17. How many bits are in an IPv4 IP address?

32 bits

18. What port does the SMTP protocol use by default?


22. What is the name of the file that keeps associations between computer names and IP addresses on the local computer?


23. What protocol is replacing the POP protocol used to receive e-mail?


24. Approximately how many IP addresses are available for a single Class A IP license? Class B? Class C?

16 Million

25. What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16, or 192.168?

Private IP address

26. In what class is the IP address


27. In what class is the IP address


28. Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses. If a network is using private IP addresses, how can the computers on that network access the Internet?

Private IP address is for LAN (home, company and organization)
Public IP address is for WAN (Internet)
They can access the Internet by using Router or switch, which has NAT (Network Address Translation) feature.

29. Why is it unlikely that you will find the IP address on the Internet?
It is a private IP address.

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