April 17, 2013

RCD CAP Project - 2011-2012 - Network Project 3

These questions of 18 Chapter of A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC 7th Edition

1. Give two popular examples of broadband technology.

ADSL and Cable modem for now. In the future, it is fiber-optic and faster technology.

2. Which type of broadband connection does Windows assume, on-demand or always-up?

Windows assume on-demand type of broadband connection.

3. What is the purpose of DSL filters on phone jacks in your home?

Without the DSL filter, the Internet will get disconnected when you pick up the phone.

4. Which type profile that Vista assigns to a network connection offers the least security?

Domain profile

7. What is the first configuration change you should make when you first install a router?

I should change the router password and change the settings of wireless to highest security.

8. How is a DHCP reservation on a router used?

To set the same IP address to Telnet server as each time it connects the network.

9. Which command is used to find the DNS server’s information about a domain name?

Nslookup <<domain name>>

10. Which command is used to find the host name of a computer when you know its IP address?

Nslookup <<ip address>>

Critical Thinking:

2. You have set up a small LAN in your home with two Windows XP PCs connected to the Internet using a DSL connection. You have a DSL router box connected to the DSL and to a small switch. Your two PCs connect to the switch. You can browse the Internet from either PC. However, you discover that each PC cannot use the resources on the other PC. What is the problem and what do you do?
a. The network switch is not working. Try replacing the switch.
b. The NICs in each PC are not working. Try replacing one NIC and then the next.
c. The Local Area Connections in the Network Connections window are not working.
Delete the connections and re-create them.
d. Files and folders are not shared on either PC. Use Windows Explorer to correct the problem.

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