April 17, 2013

RCD CAP Project - 2011-2012 - Success Story

Success story 1

As I was notified that three youth interns will be hired in November, I thought Facebook is a good platform to interact with the CAP Coordinators and Youth Interns. Therefore, I already had prepared to establish the group for these people on Facebook. As they started working in November, I established the Facebook Group for seven people (Executive Director, two CAP Coordinators, and four CAP Youth Interns) to access only.

 It is a success mode because these people can integrate the comments to let Executive Director know and CAP Coordinators and CAP Youth Interns can discuss the assignment and coordinate the CAP Youth Interns in that platform.

Success story 2

I assisted a client who was helped by the Career Development Facilitator to use the Career Cruising because I had an experience to use that website.

When she was sitting at CAP Computer, I pointed the screen to teach her how to go on the browser and the poster to tell her where it has the web address. When she entered that website, I pointed the poster to tell her to type username and password.

Career Development Facilitator said thanks for helping. I was grateful that my experience could help the client and reduce Career Development Facilitator’s pressure.

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