October 31, 2013

Other - How to type other language in Google Chrome?

How to type other language in Google Chrome?

Do you know a character that can't type?
What?! I can't install third-party input method due to permission...
No worry, there is a built-in input in Windows...
No way...the problem is the steps to install the built-in input is too complicated and the supervisor won't allow me to install the built-in input anymore.
Do you want to write emails in Traditional Chinese?
Do you want to search the Youtube video in Japanese?

OK in Google Chrome, there is an extension which is called "Google Input Tools" which can resolve these problems.

Here is a Youtube video about "Introducing Google Input Tools":

Step by Step
1. Find "Google Input Tools" in Google Web Store.
2. Install it by clicking "free." and then "add"

3. Installing... please be patient.
4. Done for installing.

5. Click the dropdown button besides address bar and select the Google Input Tools (by Google).

6. Click Extension Options

7. Now, you will see the list of language. the default setting is English. Setup your language you want, and click the ">" button.

8. Repeat Step 5. Select the language you added.

9. Enjoy typing or writing the character in the language you added.

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