October 04, 2013

Other - How to make the new tab in Chrome to go back to Apps?

The advantage of Google Chrome is updating it and Adobe Flash Player by itself automatically. However, after Google Chrome 29 is released out, the new tab has changed to new version with the search and recent opened page. Here is the screenshot of Google Chrome 29 or new version.

Here are steps that shows how to go back to apps in new tab.
1. Type Chrome://flags in address bar.
2. Find out this following setting by using scrolling down to 1/3:
Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS
Enables the Instant Extended API which provides a deeper integration with your default search provider, including a renovated New Tab Page, extracting search query terms in the omnibox, a spruced-up omnibox dropdown and Instant previews of search results as you type in the omnibox. #enable-instant-extended-api
3. Set it to Disabled.

4. It will pop the notification below, click "Relaunch Now"
5. Reopen the new tab, see if it goes back. If you see it like this screenshot, congratulations.

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