October 07, 2014

Other - Google Chrome 37 has the memory leak problem.

Google Chrome 37 has the memory leak problem.

When I play the Flash games in Google Chrome 37 64-bits for Windows, it will display this window: 

I have searched the Google what it is going on and found other users has the same problem. 

A programs which has the memory leak will eat a lots your computer RAM. If you see the memory on the processes tab in the task manager and the program has the memory leak, it will eat the massive memory.

Is there a solution to fix it? Waiting for the manufacture pushing the newer version to solve this is only a way.

What about a program which is out of dated (like Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier)? then sorry. You have to upgrade to the newer programs to prevent the memory leak.

Why does Google Chrome 37 have the memory leak problem? In according my judgement and experience, the bugs of Google Chrome 37 has not been fixed. I hope that Google Team and the advance users can find these bugs and fix it before they release Google Chrome 38.

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