March 15, 2015

Apple - Windows -> Mac

I was a Windows lover, but my friends and my family has converted to Mac lovers from Windows lovers. It has influenced me to buy Mac. I used the Mac in high school but I hated it because it was not useful. I loved Windows not Mac.

My family has convinced me to buy Mac last two years, but I still didn't think Mac is useful. I thought "Why should I buy Mac?" After I have apple products such as Airport Extreme, Airport Express, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, it has changed my mind. I decided to buy iMac this March.

Well, it was very pricey. so I have to buy the iPhone, Airport Extreme, Airport Express, iPad, and then iMac in four to five phases. I love Apple very much right now. I have to learn how to use Mac because I am not familiar with it because I learned it in my high school. (You know I hated it at that time.) :P

Therefore if I have the questions on using Mac, Google is my friend because it has more resources. Google and Apple are enemies but for the users, they don't really care about this. If they care about this, Why and how does Google have the products for Mac and iOS users? Why and how can Apple things be found in Google?

OK. I have bought the iMac. OSX is very stable and I do not need to worry about the virus. (I am not laughing at Windows users, because I was a virus victims while I was a Windows lover, so I have the same feeling.)

If you are hesitating when you will buy the iMac or Macbook, please comment your reason. :)

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