March 13, 2016

Others - How to protect the iPhone/iPad/Macbook charger?

Apple iPhone/iPad/Macbook charger which is in the Apple package is provided as basic of charging and there is no protection so it is broken often.

I have made the google search, and most of the results show that it would like to recommend the spring which is inside of the pen. but I don't think I have it. so I have found the easy steps to protect the charger.

First, you need to prepare three tools:
a. Chargers of iPhone/iPad/Macbook
b. Packing tape
c. Scissor

The steps:

1. Detach a little of package tape and cut it by using the scissor.
2. Stick the tape on the charge part and socket part.
3. Roll the tape which is stuck on charge part and socket part.
4. Done. You can use it and don't need to worry about it will be broken.

Here is the picture of the finished steps:

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