February 06, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2009-2010 - Computer Network Assignment #3

Computer Network Assignment #3
1. What is IEEE? What do they do?
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
They provide the technical and professional information to members such as aerospace technology, computer technology, telecommunications, and etc. They also sponsor more than 150 annual conferences and publish the technical literature.
2. What is a NIC?
Network Interface Card. It is a printed circuit board which plugs into the bus in the client and servers in the LAN.
3. What are packets and frames?
Packets are blocks of data with length that can vary between successive packets, between 7 and 65542 bytes.
Frames are including the frame header and control information can range up to 2048 bytes.
4. What is a shielded twisted-pair cable and when do we use it?
STP cable has one extra metal shielded covering the insulated twisted pair conductors.
We use it for noise-environments where the shield around each of wire pairs, plus an overall shield that can protect against the excessive electromagnetic interface.
5. What is an unshielded twisted-pair cable and when do we use it?
UTP cable has no extra metal shield covering the insulated twisted pair conductors. We use it for common environments.
6. What is a RJ-45?
RJ-45 is one of many register jacks which specifics both the physical connector and wiring pattern.
7. What is the most common connection speed for an average household?
5434 Kbps Downloading speed
904 Kbps Uploading speed
43 dollars every month
(No high speed enhanced on TELUS website anymore, but I remember it is 10mbps for downloading and I don't remember what speed for uploading...)
8. If my organization requires a very fast connection between 2 offices, what cable system do you recommended? What speed will that be? What type of cables do I need?
1000BaseT, 1Gbps, Twisted-pair cable with connectors or Fiber-optic.
9. I have an organization with over 50 computers; do you recommend a bus or star topology for my LAN? Explain why?
I recommend a star topology because it can connect with hubs and computers. The hubs form the bus network but the computers which are connected to each hub form a star.
10. What is the use of a patch cable? What is the use of a crossover cable?
The use of a patch cable is to connect a PC to a hub.
The use of crossover is to connect two hubs.
11. What is attenuation?
Attenuation means the signals transmitted over long distances on a network is able to weaken.
12. What is Wi-Fi? What is today’s IEEE standard for Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is a wireless version of Ethernet and the wireless equivalent of the wired internal LAN used in companies worldwide. Today’s IEEE standard for Wi-Fi is 802.11G.

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