February 06, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2009-2010 - Computer Network Assignment #2

Computer Network Assignment #2
1) What is a hub? Why is it better than a repeater?
A hub is a device which is used in the wire network to connect Ethernet cables from a number of the devices together.
It is better than a repeater because a repeater can only have two connectors as a hub can have more connectors.
2) What does 10Base-2 mean?
It means that a variant of Ethernet that use a thin coaxial cable or RG-8 cable.
10 is the maximum transmission speed of 10 Mbit/s
BASE stand for Baseband signalling
2 is the maximum segment of 200 meters.
3) What are collisions and what is a collision domain?
Collisions are the situations that occur when the two or more demands are made in the same time.
Collision domain is a segment when data packets can be collided.
4) What is a broadcast domain?
It is a domain in which all nodes can reach each other by a broadcast at data layer.
5) What is a broadcast storm?
it is an accumulation of broadcast traffic on a computer network. Over limitation of broadcast (loop) can occur the broadcast storm.
6) What is a switch? Why is it better than a hub?
a switch is a device that joins multiple computers within one LAN. it is better than a hub because it have more intelligence and capable to checking the data packets as they are received, determining the source and destination device of each packets, and forwarding appropriately.
7) What is an Ethernet?
It is a network technology that uses the RJ45 connectors for LAN.
8) (Research question) What are the 7 layers of the OSI model? How is it useful to us?
Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data-Link, and Physical Layers
It is useful to us by developing products, understanding networks, network security, and more.

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