April 24, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2010-2011 - Network Assignment

Network Assignment # 1
1. What is LAN?
LAN is a group of computers and devices which are connected together in the same building.
2. What is structured cabling?
It is a building telecommunication cabling construction that consists of a number of a standardized smaller part.
3. What are the 3 rules to ensure the effectiveness of structured cabling?
To look for a complete connectivity solution
To plan for future growth
To maintain freedom of choice in vendors
4. What is demarcation point (demarc)?
Demarcation point is a point at which the public network of a telecommunication company ends and the private network of a customer begins.
5. What is a network backbone?
It is the main wire that connects nodes.
6. What is a scalable network?
It is a LAN which can accommodate future growth and it is important to plan ahead when estimating the number of cable runs and cable drops in a work area.
7. What is VoIP?
It is a Voice over Internet Protocol and allows the special telephone to use data networks when placing telephone calls.
8. What is the purpose of TIA and EIA?
The purpose of TIA and EIA is to enable the planning and installation of structured cabling system for buildings.
9. What is the function of a TR?
The function of TR is the termination of horizontal and backbone cable to compatible connecting hardware.
10. What is a work area?
Work area is an area serviced by the telecommunication room. A work area usually occupies in the floor of building.
11. What is a straight-through cable?
A straight-through cable is a most common patch cable. It has the same wiring scheme on both ends of the cable. This type of cable is used for the computer network.
12. What is crossover cable?
Crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable which connects the two devices of the same type. It is also used to interconnect two computers for the direct connection.

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