May 01, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2010-2011 - Success Story

As Youth Intern from November 2010, I monitored the CAP Site and did assignments as soon as the supervisor assigned them to us. I also assisted the CAP users on how to search on the Internet in the CAP Site.  I also helped other Youth Interns in their assignments and projects.

The opportunity of the youth Internship has allowed me to acquire the basic network knowledge and social media skills because I did not acquire those skills from schools. I also acquired some emergency management skills because we had to prepare for the ShakeoutBC drills in January of 2011.

Directly I have helped a person with physical disability with his laptop.  He had trouble with his laptop because he couldn’t go online.  I said I would find a solution for him.  So I went to the HP official website and found a solution for him; I taught him to enable the wireless settings in the HP software.  I also emailed him the instructions.  By helping him I saved him a trip to the computer professionals; it would cost him over $75 if he has his computer fixed at a computer store.

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