April 28, 2011

RCD CAP Project - 2010-2011 - Top 10 things of Facebook Security and Privacy Issues

Default settings of private and security on Facebook

•    After new profile design of Facebook or minor changes are applied, the setting of private and security will go back to default.
•    Some of Facebook users do not know this things and that makes them to be at risk because their personal information will be leaked out to everyone.
•    In fact, there was an example. The scammer knew the grandmother has grandson, because she put the relationship on Facebook and she did not set the private settings, so the scammer sent a message to her, “your grandson is in jail, please send me 5,000 dollars” and she was scared. She sent money to the scammer.

Opt in rather than opt out security/privacy

•    There is an instant personalization feature for partner of Facebook but many users complained that because it will share the information to them.
•    The Facebook profile will be searchable in search engine by default, for example, Google or Yahoo.
•    Default settings will give the users’ friends’ applications access the users’ data.

Automatic Posting of Recently Activity

•    The posting of recently activity automatically was not comfortable because it will get visible to friends.
•    This will makes the people to track the users’ moves and comments easily as the theft will track the users too.
•    It will also make easier for scams and like jacking.

No user controls for the news feed

•    The users complain about the lacking of user controls on the news feed in the homepage.
•    This is also a centre for the scams and the malwares as they are not able to divide it to lists, groups, and pages.

Friends Finder

•    The users complain about this feature will suggest friends that they don’t know.
•    Finding more friends button will get the information from the users’ email address. This feature can make it to be easily for finding the friends that the users don’t know.

Facebook game encourage the users to add the friends the users do not know

•    Facebook game will encourage the users to add the friends they do not know, because the users will level up so fast when they add the friends.
•    It is dangerous because it will leak information unless setting the specific list plus private settings.

Scamming Applications
•    Because Facebook cannot monitor the third-party applications enough, some users are victims of the scamming applications. The scamming applications are the fake quizzes, the fake applications, and the fake poll.
•    This kind of applications might have the malware, abuse data, and send the Facebook scam.

Scamming Ads

•    The standard of the scamming ads is as the same as scamming application because Facebook are not able to monitor the scamming ads.
•    Some scamming ads have the malicious codes and some users click this kind of ads, the browser will get the inflected by the malicious.

Fake Facebook Profile

•    The Fake Facebook Profiles are created by the pretenders.
•    This is a risk of the users especially those who add the friends randomly and post the sensitive matters in their walls.

Deleting and deactivating the accounts

•    Most of the users know this but Facebook can use this accounts for third party use after deactivating because it will not erase information.
•    If the users want to delete the accounts, they must go to help and look up the link for deleting the accounts. Then they send the requests and have to wait 2 weeks or more for deleting accounts.


Besides those top 10 things, there are bugs and programming holes from time to time sometimes. For example, the users can view the chats between the friends and the friends they do not know.

Sometimes, someone who is hacking a friend account sends the strange message with the misspelling words, strange URL, and a list of friends that the users don’t know. They have to be careful when they receive this kind of messages because it has the virus and malwares.


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